Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Baron Kraust's Band of Lost Souls

Well I seem to be turning procrastination into a higher art form! Here's hnother army list instead of some painted minis. This one, however, has had a bit of fleshing out and a back story thought out for it - I'll be lavishing the same treatment on my Orc and Elf armies when I get round to it.

The Baron's army came about as a result of the smattering of chaos minis I had bought on a whim and the remnants of the old Skeleton army box set that were still knocking around in my collection. The Chaos warrior in bone armour (seen posing on the ridge in the pic to the left!) inspired me to join the two forces together - and hopefully save me a bit of money by getting 2 armies for the price of one!

If you missed the Baron first time round here's a little reminder -

So on with the list - this time I have gone to town a bit with the magic items as it seems to fit in more with the character of the army.

Major Characters and Rank and File

Baron Kraust
Level 25 Necromancer
2 handed weapon (Parasitic blade) and chaos armour
400 points


3 units of 10 Death Riders
Each unit includes a Level 15 Skeleton hero and standard bearer
Shields, lances and hand weapons
Total points - 328

Undead Chariot with wheel scythes
Crew have handweapons, shields and include a level 10 skeleton hero
167 points

20 Skeleton Warriors
Handweapons and shields
Level Hero and standard bearer
278 points

10 Grim Reapers
 Level 10 champion
120 points

12 Skeleton WarriorsHand weapons and shields
Level 10 hero and standard
187 points

16 Skeleton Archers
Bows and light armour
224 points

20 Zombies (1 bought so far!)
Level 10 Undead hero
138 points

Undead Giant
Haven't seen any 3rs ed. stats or points value for this so have used regular Giant's stats.
250 points

2 Screaming Skull Catapults
170 points

Ethereal Host

3 Wraiths
450 points

200 points

Chaos Allies

Chaos Knight Contingent Leader
Chaos steed, barding
Heavy armour, shield, hand weapon and lance
289 points

4 Mounted Chaos Warriors (2 to source)
Warhorses, barding
Heavy armour, shields, lances and hand weapons
Magic Standard
657 points

Level 10 Chaos Sorcerer
85 points

5 Chaos Centaurs
Double handed weapons and light armour
Level 10 Champion
324 points

10 Beastmen
Hand weapons, shields and standard
Level 10 Beastman champion
Heavy armour and two handed weapon
242 points

2 Minotaurs
Hand weapons
80 points
11 Thug Archers
Light armour, bows, hand weapons
Musician and standard
Marauder Champion - light armour, pistol and two handed weapon
171 points
10 Thugs
Light armour, shields and hand weapons
Chaos Warrior champion - heavy armour, shield and hand weapon

13 Monks of the Red Redemption
Hand weapons and shields
Champion, Standard bearer and musician
170 points
14 Chaos Dwarfs
Heavy armour, shields and hand weapons
Level 10 hero, standard and musician
409 points
Beastmaster and 3 Chaos Hounds
86 points
Chaotic Host -
200 points

 200 points

200 points 

Basilisk - I have the mini but can't find any mention of it in the 3rd ed. bestiary or Army book. May be being a bit blind so if anyone knows any stats for this beastie let me know - otherwise I'll just make my own up.

2 mutant Ogres
Hand weapons/flail
84 points

Dark Elf Allies

Dark Elf Sorceror
Level 10 - Contingent commander
118 points

5 Dark Elf Doomdrakes (2 to source)
Light armour, shields, hand weapons, lances and repeating crossbows
Level 10 champion and standard bearer
347 points

The Dark Elves may turn into their own little skirmishing force - been quite tempted by the marauder Dark and Witch Elves for a while now...

Total Points value -  (quite fittingly almost!) 6600 points

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Two legends collide

As if there wasn't enough Lustrian goodness packed into The Magnificent Sven, I thought I'd shoehorn in a little more! The next scenario I have planned will see Sven and the surviving members of his party happening across Kremlo and the remnants of the Stoutback Clan's punitive warband.

Depending on how many jungle nasties Sven encounters in the first scenario, Red in Tooth and Mandible, he will probably be in need of a few reinforcements. Kremlo and his Norse retainers may well fit the bill, if they can be sprung from the Slann slaver's encampment...

Kremlo, I presume...

Ben Stoutback looked sullenly over at his younger brother, Sven Stoutback.  This was no mean feat, bound back to back by their wrists as they were. A grimace passed between them that spoke volumes of the predicament they found themselves in. Together, both of their gazes swung over to take in the bizarre figure that hung limply from the post it was tied to.

The leather jerkin and coarse tunic weren't so outlandish in themselves, but protruding from the bottom of the breeches, where one might expect the pinkish tones of human skin, there glistened a bright and verdant green. Should that not be enough to satisfy the casual observer that this was no ordinary Norseman - not even one suffering from the worst hangover in the New World - then the bulbous head with its bright blue spinal stripe that lolled atop the slight shoulders certainly would.

Here stood, barely, the head of the Stoutback Clan, Kremlo the Slann. That it had been an unhappy accident that had catapulted such a strange heir to such a position was evident in the sullen stares of Kremlo's two younger "brothers" - Ben and Sven. Also fuelling their resentment was the fact that it had been Kremlo's old tribe they had set out against to seek revenge for the unprovoked attack that had been visited upon them.

Now they were here, many miles in Manann knew which direction from Skeggi, trussed up like suckling pigs awaiting the tender mercies of the Slann slavers they had fallen foul of. Worried looks rippled down the line of captive Norsemen as a large Bull Slann sat before them and began sharpening his knives...

Sven has become a little wiser about moving through the jungle after disturbing most of the carnivorous and poisonous fauna in the area. It didn't take much to persuade Karra and Riolta to use their natural grace and familiarity with the terrain to scout ahead of the noisome and smelly Norse warriors. It was during one of these forays that they discovered the Slann Slaving party that had set up camp right in the middle of their planned route. What was more, Riolta also reported that the Slann had a number of Norse captives whose fate appeared to be imminent lobotomisation.

Sven and his men must rescue the Stoutbacks and prevent any Slann escaping with knowledge of their whereabouts.

The table will basically consist of the usual patches of clearings, pathways and heavy jungle. In the centre of the table is the Slann encampment consisting of a series of bamboo cages in which languish various human and lizardman prisoners. Sharpened bamboo stakes form a defensive wall with several openings to permit entry. There is a nearby jungle pool that is deep enough for the Slann to submerge themselves in.

Tailored to my collection but use whatever you see fit should you wish to give it a go!

Kremlo - Level 10 Slann hero
Ben - Level 10 Norse hero, light armour, shield and hand weapon
Sven - Level 5 Norse hero
5 Norse warriors, light armour, shield and hand weapon
3 Berserkers, double handed weapons
Note - the Stoutbacks have been stripped of all their equipment and are bound together in the Slann camp. They must retrieve it from the pile of gear the Slann have dumped by the north bamboo wall of the camp

Slaver Level 10 Slann hero, light armour, whip and hand weapon
5 Human slave warriors, handweapon and shields
5 Jungle braves, hand weapons, blowpipes and poison darts
10 Slann warriors, light armour, shields and hand weapons

Whoever survived the first scenario!

Starting the Game
The Norse player (Magnificent Sven) should set up his force on the southern edge of the table. Karra and Riolta may set up anywhere as long as they are 20" from the Slann camp.

The Slann player should post sentries at the openings in their bamboo wall. The slaver will be sat in the centre of the camp sharpening his knives in front of the captive Stoutbacks, who are bound back to back in a line. Kremlo is bound to a post near to the slaver. The rest of the Slann force may be split between the pool and the camp as the player sees fit.




Slann killed +1
Slaver killed +5
Human slave killed +1/2

Norse killed -1
Norse character killed - see Magnificent Sven victory conditions (haven't got them to hand at the mo!)

Stoutback rescued +1
Ben Stoutback rescued +10
Sven Stoutback rescued +5
Kremlo rescued +10



Norse killed +1
Norse character killed - see Magnificent Sven victory conditions

Slann killed -1
Slaver killed -5

Stoutback lobotomised +1
Stoutback character lobotomised +5

Special Rule
The Slann player should make a secret D6 roll before play starts. Add 3 to the total on the dice to calculate the number of turns taken for the Slann slaver to sharpen his knives sufficiently to begin lobotomising his captives.

Once this turn is reached one captive is lobotomised. This happens each turn until the captives are rescued or...

Once the Norse warriors have been operated on it will be the turn of the Stoutback characters.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Elven Warhost of the Woods

Another Army List for your delectation - this time my Wood Elves, which I started hunting for on ebay when I first got back into the hobby a few years back. Having a fair few Orcs in my possession I felt I needed some opponents and had always liked the Skarloc's Elf archers minis, so mind made up I set about hoovering up lots of lovely old Jes Goodwin Elves. Then I got a bit distracted by other things and most of them ended up sitting in a box for a long while...

Until now, when I got them out counted them up to remind myself of what I had and put them back again for a rainy day!

Anyway here's the list, done the old fashioned way as the wife would have killed me if I forked any more money out for the Army builder program after having a bit of a splurge on several Goblin chariots and a load of Fighting Fantasy game books I just had to have over the weekend...

Again, I've gone light on the magic weapons and standards as this is really to catalogue what I've got, focus myself on what else I want and give me a rough idea of points values.

Characters and Rank and File

Wood Elf General - Level 25 Hero
Mounted on barded Warhorse
Light armour, bow, hand weapon
224 points

Army Standard Bearer - Level 10 hero
Mounted on barded Warhorse
Light armour, shield, lance and handweapon
153 points

5 Elven Lords
Mounted on barded Warhorses
Light armour, shields, lances and hand weapons
195 points

5 (3 to buy) Wood riders
Spear, hand weapon, shield and longbow
230 points

 Level 20 Elf Wizard
Mounted on Warhorse
hand weapon
315 points

Level 10 Sorceress
on foot
118 points

Level 15 Hero
Mounted on Giant Eagle
Light armour, lance, handweapon and bow
210 points

Zoat Level 15 Wizard
275 points

Zoat Warrior
Double-handed weapon
60 points

20 Wood Elf Guards
Light armour, shield, long bow and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 15 champion
- Light armour, shield and hand weapon
440 points

15 Lord's Bowmen
Light armour, long bows and handweapons
Including standard, musician and Level 5 champion
- Light armour and double-handed weapon
248 points

20 Warrior Kinband
Light armour, spears and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 10 champion
268 points

22 Warrior Kinband
Light armour, shields, spears and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 10 champion
344 points

15 Warrior Kinband - 3 to buy

Swords, shields and light armour
Including standard, musician and champ
277 points

Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers
13 Wood Elf Gladerunners
Shields, Longbows and handweapons
Musician - Arafane Warskald
 Level 15 Sorceress and standard bearer - Kaia Stormwitch
Glam - Wardancer
Skarloc - Level 15 Hero
614 points

12 Archers
Long bows, shields and handweapons
144 points

10 Wardancers
Double-handed weapons and light armour

Monsters and beasts

Giant Eagle
75 points

2 Treemen
560 points

6 Beast Handlers
6 wild cats, 11 hunting dogs,
3 wild boar, 1 bear


1 Heavy Chariot crewed by 4 Wainlords
1500 points

Total Points 4296

Other significant wants:
Dragon Masters
Oreon's Wood Elf Archers
Shape changers - any suitable citadel minis will do for this
Marauder Treemen

Only a skirmishing force I know - but its a start!